Some of our stuff

Always cooking, baking and serving - that's our ladies. Then there's making and serving salad and fresh bread at the annual luncheon . Jane Tang was in Stavkirk displaying the comma that church members took on their travels this summer, Back to food at the at the annual tea party where the men serve the ladies. Julie Nagel on the ukelele and Faith Kirchdorfer on guitar entertain the church with Christmas carols, but Julie insists she needs more practice. 

Some more of our stuff

The community block party is an annual event where Jamestown residents meet and greet incoming University of Jamestown students. The students march down from the university in a group. Once arrived on First Avenue they discover there are all kinds of businesses, churches and organizations there to saying "we're here for you." Students eat, drink and haul away a pile of giveaways as do members of the community. Then it's cooking and serving time again - this time for the Swiss Steak Supper. Yum, yum.

And a new kind of worship

We celebrated Valentine's Day and Mother's Day in what is an experimental worship service. We're calling it The Wild Word as it is meant to speak to a new generation in an interactive, unpredictable and sometimes "crafty" way.. On the first Wild Word Sunday, we signed giant Valentine cards for those no longer able to come to church. Mother's Day was a discussion of God the Mother and creating corsages.